The most common barriers to purchase are:

It’s too expensive

  • If you understand the value that your solution brings to the customer, as well as the competition offering and price, this should not be an issue
  • It can be difficult to differentiate between the case where it is really too expensive, and the case where the customer is lying and is simply trying to reduce price
  • Some customers always want discount, so it can be appropriate to bid 20%-30% higer to keep some slack.

 It’s not going to work / to work for me

  • Show how it is working for other customers with similar background or challenges. Use references!

I’m going to wait

  • Sometime the customer does not understand that he has a problem. Or that he will have a problem in 6 months and needs to anticipate
  • Maybe this is wrong timing: get back to him every 3 months
  • Maybe he does not have the budget and you need to wait as well.

It’s too difficult

  • Help them improve their skills
  • Don’t sell something that your customer can’t use.