Finally, once your comparative advantages have been clarified, your USPs are nothing more than a rephrasing of your comparative advantage from the perspective of your customers or their end-users. Explain how your product offering creates value for them. Do you know companies that you can associate with one or more of the USPs below? Give it a try:

  • the fastest and best quality MP4 compression algorithm
  • an ability to design “cult” products
  • a wide product portfolio to serve the individual needs of micro-segments
  • made-to-order capability with delivery within 48 days
  • high quality products at the lowest cost
  • a customer orientation that is pervasive in all areas of the company
  • a cool brand that people emotionally connect with
  • financial strengths that make the company resistant to external crises and guarantee financial continuity
  • a top management that is widely recognised in the industry.

And so on.