More often than not, your business plan in Excel will become larger and larger over time. And there comes a time when you want to share the key results with others. This is where using a separate Excel workbook for the financial key results can help.

The Excel template below will be useful in the following circumstances:

  • you want to share the business plan with others, but your Excel business plan is a very large and cumbersome file
  • you want to share the business plan with others, but not necessarily all the details of the bottom-up calculations. Instead, you want to focus on the key results
  • you want to create full financial statements forecasts, including not only a P&L and Cashflow statement, but also a Balance Sheet, and the latter is currently missing in your Excel business plan. The Balance Sheet looks into financing and funding requirements.

The template below, in addition to including full financial statements, also includes a Valuation module. The template can easily be linked to your main business plan.


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