It’s good to have friends, also in business, but what you really need are mentors, not friends, who can advise you fairly neutraly based on their own long-time experience.

Most of your friends can’t really help you. Their opinion will usually biased:

  • Fear – they are scared that you will screw up
  • Envy – they would like to do what you do but can’t take the risk due to other commitments e.g. family, kids, debt or whatever
  • Lack of knowledge – they don’t understand your market so their advice will not be appropriate for you
  • Different skills – they don’t have your skills so don’t get how you can make it a success
  • Lack of vision – they don’t get where the world is going, don’t have the distance and are stuck in their day-to-day issues.

So you can listen to your pals and buddies, but usually you will have to forget what they say.