There are two main types of sales channels: direct sales and indirect sales.

Direct sales: you have you own sales force interacting directly with the buyers:

  • Own sales shops or local office
  • Face-to-face discussions with customers
  • Telefone / Skype / Video conferencing / Webinar
  • Also remember that emails are unidirectional and nothing can replace a fece-to-face meeting!

Indirect sales: you sell to end-users via third parties:

  • Eco-systems of partners: consultants, service integrators, other technology companies, all acting as reseller
  • The benefit: better scale, larger reach, increased value of your offering, focus on your core strength
  • Question: why do consultancy only use direct distribution channel?
Finally, you’ve got the Internet – a wonderful platform to reach a large audience, and close sales online with minimum ‘human’ involvement on the seller side. Think about Amazon.