If you are doing a start-up it is a lot better not to be alone:

  • When you go to a venture capitalist, beyond the business idea and the business plan, what they really invest in is the people as individuals and the team
  • It’s going to be really really tough to do everything yourself: you can only work 80 hours a week…
  • Ideally you want to have complementary skills within the team – you can’t know everything
  • It’s good to test your ideas on some other people, this is where 1+1>2
  • In many cases, you are going to be disappointed by things that you outsource to other firms – initially it might be better to keep things in-house, to understand enough of the topic so that you can manage external firms well enough.
Building an ‘A-player’ team for the business can be really tough, but can make the difference between success and failure; or small success and big success. Read further what we have to say about teams there.