Download Excel tools

Investaura is pleased to provide Excel templates and tools that will greatly help you get started: Business Plan for beginners, Business Case for Sales support, Business Plan for the Tech industry, Business Plan for Telecoms, Business Plan and Budgeting, Short-term Planning and Forecasting, Business Plan for M&A and Fundraising, and others.

Professional Software solutions

Initially, Microsoft Excel might be enough. But if your needs are complex, you will need a more powerful tool. We recommend using Adaptive Planning (for Budgeting and Planning), STEM (for Business simulation, Capital Budgeting and Costing) or Prodacapo (for Product & Customer Costing, Profitability Analysis and Process Improvement).

The book

Wouldn’t you rather prepare Business Plans that set you apart? Then this book is for you.  Whether you are writing a business plan for the first time or need to refresh your current knowledge, you will refer to this guide again and again.