Initially, Microsoft Excel might be enough. But if your needs are complex, you will need a more powerful tool. We recommend using Adaptive Planning (for Budgeting and Planning), or STEM (for Business simulation, Capital Budgeting and Costing) or Prodacapo (for Activity Based Costing and Process Management). The following professional software solutions have proved invaluable on many customer assignments:

  • Adaptive Planning, from Adaptive Insights, a Silicon-Valley company. This is a great tool when you need the power of a multi-dimensional database (products, customers, call type, regions, cost centre etc) and multi-user access in a collaborative environment. It is also a fantastic tool when you need to use your business plan as a budgeting tool as well, with month by month analysis.
  • STEM from ImpliedLogic Limited, a Cambridge (UK) company. It is a great business planning and business modelling tool for people who work in the telecom, media and IT industry. STEM understands telecom concepts (e.g. Erlangs, Busy Hour Traffic, QoS) so you don’t have to teach him what telecom is about. Also it has great cost allocation capability, so in addition to business planning, STEM can be used for service costing as well.
  • For Activity-Based Costing, Profitability Analyses and Process Management, we use Prodacapo software solutions. proDacapo empowers its clients to understand real product, service and customer profitability; to improve business processes; to measure performance; and to develop and execute strategy using balanced scorecards.