In 2016, VC-backed startups raised $100.8bn in about 8300 deals worldwide. How did these companies (the startups and the investors) find each other? The traditional approach is both expensive and inefficient. Our matching platform has been set up to facilitate the overall process.

For every deal closed a VC will receive hundreds of business plans from startups. How can they effectively funnel their deal flow and identify the next super stars? And if you are a startup, how can you concentrate on your core business while constantly searching for the next investor who must bring along money plus added value?

Those were the questions that we asked ourselves as active business angel investors and experts in financial investment processes. We came to the conclusion that the traditional process is burdened by high transaction costs and inefficiencies and should be improved for both sides.

Our answer was to build VestAura,, an online platform that matches the right investors to the right startups in a simple to use, effective, curated and professional way. VestAura provides strict confidentiality, advanced matching performance through profiling/targeting and a truly international reach.

The process is very easy: Investors, Startups and Service Providers register their search profile, for free, on the VestAura platform and the platform informs you in case of a match. It’s a onetime, very limited effort for the parties involved.

Interested to try out? Just register on We are delighted to support investors in their target search activities and startups in their fund-raising challenge.